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((This profile is lifted from the work the Mun [personal profile] ilyena_sylph originally put in on livejournal back in 2008, but the email account associated with that journal was lost in one of the great yahoo disasters of the early 2010s. I promise, it's still me.))

This is a RolePlay journal for the character Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke the Terminator, a DC franchise property created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, whose feet I worship at. No infringement of their rights as creators is intended (comics canon does that more than often enough [or did, back before nu!DC, which I have absolutely no interest in]).

[if you like what I have to say, go buy The New Teen Titans trades. Or go buy Titans merchandise. Support your creators, who still pull royalties from use of their trademarked characters.]

Short History: Slade was a soldier in Korea (at 16, having lied to go to war), where he met one of the touchstones of his life, W.R. Wintergreen, a British S.A.S soldier some years his senior. Back from Korea and in advanced training, he then met and fell in love with a female teacher, Army Captain Adeline Kane. He married her almost immediately after graduating from her class, and shortly thereafter, hostilities broke out in Vietnam. He shipped out from his pregnant wife, and landed in the killing fields of Vietnam on the day his oldest child was born.

After he returned from Vietnam, he volunteered for an experimental program designed to give American soldiers greater immunity to truth serums--or at least that's what they told him.

He was the only person of the original test subjects to survive, and he survived a... very changed... man. The original stated canon of his change said that he was 'able to use 90% of his brain at once'. Science since then has proven that that would leave someone in a constant state of seizure, so let's assume that what was meant is that he processes information something like 9 times faster than human-normal. It also gave him superhuman strength (lift several tons), stamina, speed (movement "in the space between heartbeats", for short bursts), reflexes, and senses (hears the sound of Bat-tracers in a set of gear, for example, sees--despite having only one eye--perfectly well in almost complete darkness).

In addition, it made him immortal. Not that he learned that for some time.

After complicated events that led to him being discharged from the military (and him disavowing them), he turned his hand to being a soldier of fortune, rather than for America, with the oft-stated caveat of "Never anything against our (or my) country."

His mercenary lifestyle lead to his younger son Joseph's life being threatened, and due to his stubborn refusal to back down or 'compromise his honor', Joe nearly died, and his wife came very close to killing him, permanently destroying his right eye.

With absolutely nothing left to lose Despite this, he continued in the lifestyle he'd taken up, typically with only his oldest and best friend, Wintergreen, at his side.

This eventually led to him running into trouble with the hero world, specifically, the team known as the New Teen Titans and the deaths of both his sons. Grant, his oldest, died while trying to fulfill a contract against the Titans, and Joe, his beloved youngest, died at his own hand in order to stop the devastation the evil possessing Joseph had wreaked among the Teen Titans. The losses, and the later death of his wife, frankly devastated him.

Over the course of his time opposing and allied to the Teen Titans, he developed something of a bond with Nightwing, the Titans leader, and even more of a bond with Changeling, the young shapeshifter.

While Nightwing's tie to Slade is, in the words of Arsenal, a "your other mentor" relationship, his bond with Gar (Changeling) is a deep, mutual (and utterly platonic) friendship.

This friendship is rather odd, considering it began in what was supposed to be a fight to the death engineered by Changeling, who hated him for having been involved with Tara Markov, traitor in the ranks to the Titans who Gar had fallen in love with. By the end of the post-confrontation dinner, though, the two of them had decided to be friends, and the bond between them was seen fairly often in both the pages of NTT, TotTT, The Titans, and Deathstroke.

Slade later learned he had another child, a daughter, Rose Worth, daughter of a Cambodian princess (turned brothel madam) he'd rescued out of Cambodia and stayed in contact with, and later lost to his half brother, Wade DeFarge. Given the events of her mother's death and his own lifestyle, he has typically kept his daughter at a distance.

After the full pardon he received for his actions during the events of Qurac, Slade Wilson was a free man, and though he was still operating as a mercenary, he was taking some pains to make sure he kept his name clear, working mainly in countries where mercenary action is not so illegal as in the US.

He continued holding mainly a low profile, and occasionally appearing to the Titans, up until the beginning of Teen Titans version 3, which his player utterly disavows.

Personality: Almost everything you need to know about the man's motivations was beautifully summed up by Marv Wolfman, and I'm going to steal the very long quote from with my very great thanks for their awesome work over all these years.

"Slade Wilson is a very complicated man. He is a man of honor who operates under a strict code of ethics, yet his sense of morality is flawed. Slade is a man who believes in using deadly force, and at times has acted as judge, jury and executioner for those he deems without honor or worth. Slade is, however, particular about the jobs he chooses, often turning down jobs that would compromise his personal moral compass, such as it is. In some occasions, Slade has fought on the side of angels merely because he believed in the cause. Other times, he has taken cases and committed acts other heroes would be disgusted by.

Slade, however, is a man capable of extreme devotion, whether it is to his family, friends or ex-lovers. He has always sought to protect those who have been close to them, and would not hesitate to lay down his life in exchange for theirs. His greatest tragedies have been his inability to prevent the destruction of those who have loved him. The death of his sons and ex-wife continue to haunt Slade. He is tortured by his helplessness to have saved them.

Slade is also a man who has a hard time expressing his feelings. His lack of expression made him neither a good father or husband. At times, he has distanced himself from those he loved for their own protection. On separate occasions, he curtly cut ties with Rose Wilson, his daughter, and Pat Trayce, his lover, in an effort to "save" them from his way of life.

Despite his recent changes, Slade remains a man of mystery. Whether he will walk the side of angels or take the path to hell remains to be seen. You never know quite what to expect from him... And he would have it no other way."

--Marv Wolfman

He can be a hero. He can be a villain. He can be anything in between... but what he's not is uncomplicated.

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